Here is the basic vocabulary for health:

You have here the basic vocabulary for employment:


And here some basic vocabulary about movies:


Here you have some basic vocabulary about the internet:


here is some useful vocabulary for conversation practice, I hope you find it useful:


Here you have the useful vocabulary for the check in conversation in a hotel.

This is the link to the term exam correction. I hope it is useful.


Hi dear students, some of you asked me about typical conversation phrases and topics. I am preparing a list of the most used phrases in conversations in English but here you have the link to a fantastic web page where you can find dome of this typical phrases.I hope you find it interesting!


What are partitives? are expressions that can be used both with countable and uncountable nouns,for example: a stroke of luck or a loaf of bread. here you have a link with a list of partitives and their translation in Spanish.

Here you have some discourse connectors to help you in your writing essays.

And you have here a web page in which you can find the translation of some english discourse connectors.

these are the links of the last listening session

Speaking practice: Expressing opinions http://dl.dropbox.com/u/50677294/Expressing%20Opinions.doc